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The Omega list of Australian Christian publishers

If you’ve written a book intended for a Christian or cross-over audience, you may be on the hunt for an Australian Christian publisher.

The Australian Christian publishing landscape is much smaller than in the USA, but we still have several options for authors looking to pursue traditional publishing with a Christian press.

We have pooled the knowledge of our Omega members in the list below. 


But first, a warning against vanity publishers

Vanity publishers don’t make money by selling books. Instead they make money selling empty promises. They are companies that make money by getting authors to pay them to publish their books. They trade on our ‘vanity’, making big promises about how many copies they will sell and how easy they will make the process of publication. They are usually always promising a lot but delivering little for the thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars they take.

The trouble is that vanity publishers usually don’t call themselves that. They usually use terms like 

  • co-operative publisher 
  • partner publisher
  • subsidy publisher
  • hybrid publisher
  • assisted self-publisher.

Sadly, and confusingly, some traditional publishers are trying to bolster their books by starting vanity publishing arms that look legitimate but are still making money from unsuspecting authors. 

Omega Writers strongly recommends you avoid vanity publishers.

The Omega list of Australian Christian Publishers

This list is correct at the time of publishing. We review it regularly, but if you spot errors, out of date information or can think of a publisher we should add, please contact us!

We also strongly recommend you do your own independent research before signing a contract with any of these businesses so you can be sure their values are in line with yours.

Acorn Press (owned by the Bible Society)

Publishes Non-fiction books that challenge readers to think about the issues we face in twenty-first century life and to enable us to effectively engage the world we live in.

Does not publish Poetry; fiction; books on prophecies and/or the end times; Art and photography books; Books that have already been self-published or published under a co-publishing model by another publisher.


CEP (Christian Education Publications, formerly Youthworks) 

Publishes Evangelical Christian resources to support, nurture and encourage children, young people and families.

Does not publish Anything that’s not a educational resource.


HarperCollins Christian Publishing (a global division of HarperCollins)

Publishes Most genres, including reflective and academic works. NB: this multinational publisher also has a vanity publishing arm we believe you should avoid.

Does not publish Do not accept unsolicited manuscripts for fiction, poetry, devotionals.


Matthias Media

Publishes Resources for evangelism, Christian growth or gospel ministry.

Does not publish End-times or prophecy books; Collected sermons;  Contemporary/popular biographies; Exposés of well-known Christians; Personal-experience stories; Poetry; Art books; Fiction.

Morning Star (owned by the Bible Society)

Publishes Resources for the church –  including theology, Scripture, worship, history, ethics and spirituality especially books at the intersection of religion and community.

Does not publish  Fiction.


Tulip publishing

Publishes Non-fiction to equip churches in the reformed tradition.

Does not publish Art books; Autobiographies; Contemporary Fiction or Romance novels; Descriptions of angel or spirit encounters, near-death experiences, or visions; Fictionalised Bible stories; Poetry Collections; Prophecy or “Bible code” books.


Wombat Books / Rhiza Press / Rhiza Edge

Publishes As Wombat Books: books for children including picture books, early readers and middle fiction. 

As Rhiza Edge: issue-based stories for today’s young adult readers.

As Rhiza Press: a range of non-fiction and faith inspired words for adults.

Does not publish Rhiza are not currently accepting adult fiction submissions.

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