Omega Writers

2021 CALEB Award Winners

Omega Writers are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2021 CALEB Awards for published books.

Adult Nonfiction

Sponsor: Sheree Chambers & Emma Biddle at Impressum

The winner receives their choice of website updates, a six-week social media calendar, or a cover for their next book to the value of $400.

The winner is: Sinned Against: Exploring the Scriptures by Valerie Wressell

Adult Biography or Memoir

Sponsor: Lisa Renee at The Collaborative Press

The winner receives a full wraparound cover for paperback and ebook, valued at $400.

The winner is: On the way: an Australian Doctor in Yemen and Pakistan by Michael Babbage

Children’s Picture Books

Sponsor: Christina Booth

The winners (author and illustrator) each receive a one-hour manuscript or illustration assessment via zoom.

The winner is: Grandma’s Treasured Shoes written by Coral Vass and Illustrated by Christina Huynh

Early Reader and Middle Grade

Sponsor: Marianne Musgrove

The winner receives a manuscript assessment of the first 10,000 words (plus three-page synopsis), plus a one-hour zoom chat.

The winner is: How Not to be Popular by Cecily Paterson

Young Adult Fiction

Sponsor: Nola Passmore at The Write Flourish

The winner receives their choice of editing services to the value of $400.

The winner is: Apprentice by Kristen Young

Adult Fiction

Sponsor: Iola Goulton of Christian Editing Services

The winner receives their choice of editing services to the value of $400.

The winner is: The Silk Merchant of Sychar by Cindy Williams

Barnabas Award

The Barnabas Award is a new award to recognise a writer who has gone out of their way to support and encourage other writers. Our winner received several nominations, and here are some of their comments:

Elaine’s encouragement and praise were sincere. I am even more delighted to say that Elaine has become a dear friend who continues to give of her time and wisdom to me and many others.

Elaine will talk to anyone and give them guidance no matter where their writing project is. She has a gift of seeing where the gaps are in a project, and a gentle encouraging way of pushing those who come to her to strive for their best. She is an amazing encouragement to our writing community, giving confidence to those just starting their writing journey.

Elaine is well known in the Perth writing community for the level of support, encouragement, and skills development she provides others. I’m convinced there would be far fewer writers in Perth were it not for the love, support, encouragement, and teaching given so generously by Elaine.

Elaine Fraser, author of the Beautiful books, is from Perth, Western Australia.  For many years she taught English and Drama in secondary schools. Prompted by the desire to inspire young women to live the lives they were destined for, she encourages women to develop characteristics in their lives that create beauty. Beauty, according to Elaine, should be the whole package–body, soul and spirit. Kindness, love, joy, peace and strength build qualities into lives that transcend physical beauty.

Elaine wins a $200 cash award from Omega Writers.

Encouragement Award

This is for writers Omega Writers would like to recognise and encourage:

Jeannie Wood

Lockdown is hard enough, let alone with medical issues, and attempting to find a new publisher for an already published book, and trying to figure out whether to go down the self-publishing route and all the new skills that entails, at a stage of life in which most people would be daunted to do so. The mountain might seem high, but your writing has already encouraged so many people. In Christ’s strength and at his feet, keep going Jeannie!

Raewyn Elsegood

Raewyn has served Omega Writers faithfully for many years as the conference organiser, and has started and led a successful Sydney group. Raewyn has organised the past few Omega Writers’ Conferences for us all in a truly creative and collaborative way, working hard behind the scenes to ensure everything has gone smoothly. Her enthusiasm for the task has been inspiring to see and she has dealt with any problems that have arisen in a gracious and competent way.

Jeannie and Raewyn each receive a free enrolment in the Kick Start Your Author Platform Marketing Challenge.

Congratulations to all our winners!