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2022 CALEB Awards


Edit: 2022 CALEB is now closed. Thanks for your entries.


The 2022 CALEB Awards are open for entries in the following categories:


  • Published Adult fiction


  • Published nonfiction (including memoir)


  • Published Young Adult fiction


  • Unpublished Adult fiction


  • Unpublished nonfiction (including memoir)


  • Unpublished Young Adult fiction

Enter the CALEB Award here.
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Each category will need a minimum of seven entries in order to proceed. If the categories do not receive sufficient entries, the entry fees will be refunded and Published books will be eligible to enter next time the category is offered.

Entrants in the Published categories must have a 2021 copyright date. Books which have previously been entered in the Unpublished section of the CALEB Awards may be entered.

Entrants may enter up to 2 books per category and 3 entries altogether.

Click here to read the Published Award rules.

The Unpublished categories are for Unpublished authors, not unpublished manuscripts. However, an author who has previously published a novella or novel may enter the Unpublished Adult nonfiction category, and an author who has previously published a nonfiction book may enter an Unpublished fiction category.

Click here to read the Unpublished Award rules.

The contest is open to books by Australian or New Zealand Christian authors, or Christian authors living in Australia or New Zealand. Entrants must confirm they agree with the Omega Writers Statement of Belief.

Entries must be written from a Christian world view i.e. they must be consistent with the Omega Writers Statement of Belief and not contain objectionable content (e.g. profanity, sexual situations, or excessive violence.)


Entry Fee

The entry fees are:

AUD 40 per entry for members of Omega Writers.

AUD 70 per entry for non-members (click here to join Omega Writers, then get the membership rate once your membership has been confirmed).

Members, you will receive an email advising you of the discount code. In addition, the code is in the Members Area of this site for you to go and find.

Entries are open until 26 April 2022.


Interested in Judging?

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to judge the 2022 CALEB Awards. We are still accepting volunteers. If you’re interested:

Click here to find out more about judging.

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