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CALEB Memoir & Biography Winner: On The Way

Dr Michael Babbage was the winner of the Memoir and Biography section of the CALEB Awards in 2021, with his book, On The Way: An Australian Doctor in Yemen and Pakistan. We sat down with Michael after his win and asked him a few questions about the book and his process.

Q. Congratulations, Michael! Tell us what your book is about.

Michael: Most of the people in Yemen and Pakistan are in great need of medical care, but their spiritual need is even greater. As a Christian general practitioner (family physician), I believe that God sent me to help at least some of them. Together with my wife Adele, we lived and worked amongst them for approximately 15 years, mostly in quite primitive situations.

My main aim in writing these memoirs has been to record what we saw the Lord doing, in leading, protecting and providing for us and our two young children, and how he enabled us to accomplish his purposes through our missionary endeavours.

Q. What started you writing it?

Michael: I enjoyed writing newsletters while we were overseas, and I kept careful records of our activities. Over the years, friends encouraged me to write about our adventures, and I realised that what we’d seen the Lord doing in our lives would be helpful and encouraging for others, in their own circumstances.

Q. Who is the audience?

Most readers would be Christians interested in pioneer missionary biographies.

Q. Have you had feedback from readers?

Michael: We’ve had unsolicited feedback from dozens of people (all positive), including 36 emails since the book was published on 17th July 2020. Below are excerpts from what people have written.

· Paula, a friend in England, wrote the following on her Facebook page: ‘I am really enjoying reading Michael Babbage’s book, On The Way. I love the style – very readable, honest, and sincere. I love the little human details – small things that bring each situation to life and share the down-to-earth realities of what was happening. Michael doesn’t gloss over the struggles and heartache that he and Adele went through. But although they often doubted their own abilities, they kept going. The book is a real blessing to read.’

· Stephanie. ‘You saw every calamity, illness and setback as a positive sign of God’s intervention. It will really lift and astound many souls. An amazing story, and a ‘page turner’.’

· Sue. ‘Such an inspiring story of faith and commitment. I am going to recommend it for our church ladies Book Club.’

· Mike. ‘Intensely interesting and very encouraging.’

· Barbara. ‘I could hardly put it down!’

· Stuart. ‘A great message of faithfulness, service to the people of Yemen, and above all a determination to honour the LORD.’

· Alice. ‘Truly inspirational. I was really blessed reading it and was impressed by the fact that you could see the Lord guiding, protecting and providing – even in apparently adverse circumstances.’

· Audrey. ‘I was deeply moved to tears. Your honesty is disarming.’

· Jean. ‘I am blessed and humbled.’

· Malcolm. ‘Very challenging.’

Q. Where can people get your book?

Michael: The book is available in three formats – paperback, eBook, and audiobook.

Paperback: Available through Koorong bookshops, Koorong online, or also online from,,, Abe books,, and other outlets.

eBook : Available from Kindle (Amazon), Apple Books, tolino, BARNES AND NOBLE, Google Play, Scribd, vivlio, Kobo,, and other outlets.

Audiobook: Available from Google Play, Audible audiobooks, iTunes – Apple Books,, and other outlets.


We hope you’ll check out Michael’s winning title and leave a review. Congratulations to Michael and all our winners.