Omega Writers

CALEB Award 2023 Results

Omega Writers is excited to announce the 2023 CALEB Award results

Thanks to everyone who entered this year, to all our judges and to Iola Goulton who heads up the awards. Congratulations to the Finalists and Winners. 

In 2023 we gave awards in the following categories:

Unpublished Adult Fiction


Kate Mackereth

Emily J Mauritz

Tamara Wenham


Kate Mackereth

Unpublished Young Adult Fiction


Jennifer Sadler (writing as Aemilia J Stewart)

Rochelle Sharpe

Julia Archer


Julia Archer, The Drone Guy Project

All the finalists received feedback from final round judges. Winners received a cash prize.

Barnabas Award

This award recognises writers who mentor, encourage and spur others on the writing journey.


Jo-Anne Berthelsen, for “showing an unserving commitment to encouraging other Christian writers. She has offered generous-hearted support of countless writers.” Joanne has been a long time member of Omega Writers, and was a founding member of the Sydney Chapter.  “She challenges authors to write well but also to build their author brand expecting God to work in and through the words we write. The number of writers who have benefitted from Jo-Anne’s generous and gentle encouragement would be hard to count.”

Other Nominees

Michelle Dennis Evans, who “freely gives, shares the joy of other people’s achievements and blesses other authors, valuing their work as much as her own.”

Jenny Glazebrook, for “encouraging and inspiring writers. She never stops providing generous feedback to authors while writing and producing brilliant books herself.”

Andrea Grigg, for organising the 2022 Omega Conference, and putting up 5 stranded conference-goers in her own home after their flights were cancelled.

Sue Jeffrey (Susan J Bruce) for “starting a spring writing group which kept my writing alive. Sue has been a great leader and a true blessing.”

Lisa Renee, for “inviting me to any number of initiatives to support and further my publishing, giving time and sometime resources to help me get new newsletter subscribers and reviews.”

Jean Saxby for “being a fantastic mentor during my writing journey, providing relevant information and valuable links to resources. She shows genuine interest and concern, a beautiful expression of her Christian faith.”

Tamika Spaulding, for always “supporting anyone who needs it. If she says she will do something, she keeps her word.”

Tamara Wenham, for welcoming me to the chapter group and workshopping my draft with me. I’m blown away by her encouragement and mentoring.”

Encouragement Award

This award is meant to encourage our members to continue to write!


Carolyn Bourke, as she finishes her debut novel.

Jo Wanmer, who is always encouraging others. Keep writing!


Other Nominees

Naomi Currie, who is writing her novel.

Bek Harriman, whose debut novel is in editing. 

Barbara McKay who is writing her memoir, which she calls her ‘legacy’.