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Introducing Penny Reeve | President of Omega Writers

Hello! My name is Penny and I write.

Penny Reeve, Australian Children's author

At least that’s how I like to introduce myself. I write children’s books, mainly, but I also like to write for young adults. I write fiction and non-fiction, picture books and novels. I write for the Christian book market and for the general market under three pen names: my real name Penny Reeve, and Penny Jaye and Ella Shine. I love writing – it’s one of my favourite things.  I also frequently find myself hunched over my keyboard in despair, wondering whether I know anything about this writing game at all.

And that’s because writing for publication, writing for a specific audience other than yourself, is hard work. The market is extremely competitive. Authors are expected to be marketers, promotional experts and snazzy personalities that inspire sales. And I don’t know about you, but most of the time, I don’t feel very snazzy. I wonder whether many of us do.

I think that’s why I value the influence and input of Omega Writers in my writing life so much.

Omega Writers is a membership organisation that is committed to encouraging, supporting and equipping Australasian writers who are followers of Christ to be the best writers they can be.

Penny Reeve on a school visit

In my writing journey, Omega Writers was one of the key encouragements that kept me writing – even when it felt like my stories were reaching no one. Omega Writers celebrates the pursuit of excellence in categories of writing nowhere else recognised in Australian world of literature. It has helped me build my skills as a writer. I’ve had conversations and prayerful support from fellow Christian writers through difficult paths to publication. I’ve been encouraged to write for God and that in order to do that, I need to write my best. I’ve found a family of writers wholeheartedly committed to both faith and craft. It’s been invaluable.

And that is why, when the outgoing and Omega Writer’s president, Meredith Resce, approached me to consider taking on the role of president, I said I’d prayerfully consider it. I was completely daunted by the task. It felt beyond what little old me could do. But… I also believed in the role. I looked closely at the team of volunteers that has built up over the years: all people of faith, dedication and a generous commitment to building other writers. And I knew I wanted to be part of that.

So I said yes.

The Omega President shoes are big ones to fill. I can feel the gap between who I am and the legacy left by those who stood in this role before me. But I am confident of God’s leading and provision. I believe in Australasian Christian writers. I believe we have a vital role in these times to speak and write with integrity, compassion and hope. I am excited to work with the Omega Writers team over the next few years and as I begin, I’d love to hear how Omega Writers had encouraged or helped you in your writing journey.

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