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Omega Conference 2019: The Roundup

The Omega 2019 Conference was a huge success with over 90 participants meeting at a conference centre in Mulgoa, Sydney over a weekend. It’s hard to say if it was the best conference yet, but with a line up of accomplished, engaging speakers and the inimitable Steve Laube from Steve Laube Agency in the US as the keynote speaker and presenter of two workshops, we were blessed beyond measure.

Still not sure if you should head to an Omega Conference? Here’s a round-up of blog posts that might help you decide.

Nola Passmore, Adele Jones and Kirsten Hart gave their impressions of the conference and their takeaways to the Christian Writers Downunder blog here. Kirsten said, “After Steve Laube spoke on Friday night, I had the strongest urge to blow off all the workshops and just write for the entire weekend!” See more.

Science fiction writer Adam Hickey came for the first time to Omega, having won a scholarship to the conference. In fact, it was his first ever writing conference. Amongst other things, he was amazed to find that he could learn from anyone — including story structure from a Romance Writer. See more.

Worship leader Steph Penny likened the conference to a kitchen, where it’s easy to select the tools and ingredients you need from everything that’s on offer. (Also, you get to chat in a kitchen. Steph enjoyed the chatting.) See more.

Even Steve Laube, our special guest blogged about it. He might not have seen any kangaroos, but he met a group of enthusiastic, dedicated Aussie writers, ready to change the world with words. See more.

Finally, Jodie McCarthy generously shared with us her ‘Prayer for the Writer‘. We hope it’ll inspire you. See more.

Our conference in 2020 is being held in Kingscliff, on the beautiful Gold Coast. Join this Facebook group for details so you don’t miss out.