Omega Writers

Omega Writers Day – South Australia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”25585″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]Calling all South Australian Christian writers.

Omega Writers Australasia has writing chapters all over the country, and now we are hoping to set
up an access point here in SA.

There are other Christian writing groups functioning in South Australia, and we hope to link in with
them for writers to have a frequent connection and friendship expression. However, Omega Writers
would like to connect writers in these groups to a wider network across Australia, New Zealand and
through the relationships, we are building with writers and agents in the US.

Omega Writers SA will not function as chapters in other states, in that we will only have one,
perhaps two, days in a year where we will invite members of the other groups and other unaffiliated
writers to get together to learn, build friendships and be inspired by teaching.

Our first day is scheduled for May 2nd at the Edwardstown Baptist Church, Dorene St & Rothesay Ave,
St Marys SA 5042.

The cost for the day will be $25 which will include lunch.

Bookings are essential.

Please Book Here

Our program will be as follows:

David Rawlings

International award-winning author to speakWHY we write.

The WHY won’t be necessarily be just an academic argument, but it will:

  • Connect with every writer up front and hit you where you are
  • Get you thinking, and set a foundation for the rest of the day as it gives a filter for
    connections or practical skills
  • Give you a framework to determine and deal with success/failure
  • Help you shape your pitches to industry – this question will be critical
  • Help you review where you’re at on your writing journey

Dr James Cooper

Coordinator of creative writing at Tabor AdelaideHe will aim to show participants how much you already know (about what you do and don't yet
know), and to highlight some of the key ways in which writers learn the craft – by practice/routine,
study and through the company you keep.

Lunch is included in the price

Leaders of the various SA writing groups will give a short introduction about their group – what it is,
what it does, who can join.


Working in our genre groups on developing an elevator pitch and how to pitch. David Rawlings to do a how-to on this, and Rosanne Hawke, David Rawlings, Meredith Resce and James Cooper to work with smaller groups. There will be time for individual work, and to later pitch to each other with the expectation of feedback.