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View the CALEB Awards Ceremony 2021

Omega Writers is the home of the CALEB Award. CALEB stands for Christian Authors Lifting Each other’s Books, and recognises the best in Australasian Christian writing, published and unpublished.

The Biblical Caleb was one of only two spies to go into the land of Israel and bring back a good report. Caleb said there were giants in the land, but that the relatively small band of Israelites would be able to defeat them, because God was with them.

Omega Writers is a small band of Christian writers seeking to change the world through our words. As Christian writers, we’re also part of the larger Christian writing world, a world that’s currently dominated by the US publishing giants.

The CALEB Award supports excellence in Australasian Christian books by encouraging and educating writers, regardless of genre, and encourages excellence in Australasian Christian books by recognising and rewarding our best writers across a range of genres.

View the 2021 CALEB Awards

The CALEB Awards this year were held online, via zoom. Click the image below to view the recording.