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What’s New from Omega Writers | July 2022

Omega Writers Conference

Today is 18 July, which means the earlybird pricing for the 2022 Omega Writers Conference ends tonight at 11:59pm NSW and Queensland time.

Click here to register now to save $50. 

Remember, members get a discount on their conference registration fee. You can find the discount code in the members-only section of the website.

Peppers Kingscliff Resort

Conference Bookshop

One of the best/worst features of conference is the bookshop.

Best, because it’s your opportunity to stock up on books by fellow Australian and New Zealand Christian writers, and to get them autographed.

Worst, because I take no responsibility for the state of your bank account after you’ve visited the bookshop. The bookshop accepts cash, debit, and credit cards.

Omega Writer's Conference Bookstall

For those of you who have booked a seat-only flight to conference, don’t worry. The bookshop will post your purchases anywhere in Australia for $12.95, with no limit on order size. (Because you really do need all the books. Honest.)

The bookshop will be run by Rowena Beresford of Novella Distribution. If you’d like your books to be available for sale at the bookshop, click here and complete the form.

Please note that only authors who have pre-registered with Novella Distribution will be able to sell books at the conference.

You will not be able to bring your own books to sell.

Promotion Opportunities

Are you an author, editor, publisher, cover designer, formater, or anyone else who provides services to writers?

If so, we have two promotion opportunities for you:

  • Include your business card, bookmark, brochure or other writer swag in the conference showbag for AUD 50 (plan to provide a minimum of 70)
  • Sign up for a display table for AUD 150

Omega Writers reserves the right to reject any applications if the content is deemed inappropriate for delegates.

Click here to apply.

Hub Appointments

If you’re interested in booking a one-on-one Hub appointment with any of our visiting publishing professionals, book now. Several participants have only two appointments left.

Click here to find out more about the Hub and the participating publishing professionals.

Click here to book your Hub appointments.

Note that all Hub appointments are only available to in-person conference attendees (even the Zoom appointments). If you’ve already booked to attend conference, you can still book a Hub appointment separately. If you haven’t booked to attend conference … book now 🙂

For those wondering about booking an appointment with me (Iola Goulton): I have booked to come to conference, and plan to be there in-person (and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again!). However, I’m coming from New Zealand, so my attendance will depend on me staying well and there being no NZ/Australian travel restrictions in early October.

Feedback to Unpublished CALEB Entrants

I had planned to get the feedback out before now, but the day job keeps getting in the way. I am sorry. I haven’t forgotten, and I will get the feedback out as soon as I can.

CALEB Finalists

Thanks to those CALEB finalists who have sent through their photograph, bio, and address details. I look forward to receiving the rest soon.