Omega Writers

Workshops, the Hub and more for Conference 2022

It’s time to share some more exciting information with you regarding the Omega Writers Conference! There are still some tweaks to be made to our program, and we’re waiting for confirmation from a speaker or two, but we’re keen to share the fabulous time we have planned for you so far.

Our theme this year is ‘Taking it to Another Level’ and we’re certainly off to a great start with our master-of-story-telling keynote speaker and workshop presenter, Steven James.

We’re also thrilled that the lovely Collett Smart is joining us. Collett will be presenting a plenary session on Self-Compassion, Resilience, and Well-being for Writers, as well as a very practical non-fiction workshop.

Other program highlights will include:

  • Presentation on How to Approach Aboriginal Culture When Writing from Lystra Rose, winner of the Black&Write Writing Fellowship
  • Panel on Marketing Tips and Trends, headed by Lisa Renee from The Collaborative Press
  • Tips and strategy session for those wanting to write for the US market
  • Plus something for the world of Kids’ Lit!

And of course, we have The Hub, an integral part of our conference!

The Hub

What is it? An opportunity for conference delegates to book appointments with agents, publishers, editors and industry experts to discuss their work in progress, or to pitch a manuscript ready for submission.

Benefits? Writers will gather valuable feedback, suggestions and guidance, as well as increase their understanding of the publishing process.

Appointments: Each appointment is 30 mins long and will either occur in person or online, depending on the location of the agent/publisher/expert. Appointments will be allocated on a first in first served basis and will be capped once the editor/publisher’s booking limit has been reached.

Costs: $50 for members, $70 for non-members.

Bookings: Bookings for the Hub can be made during conference registration.

2022 Hub Participants will include:

Literary Agents:

  • Steven Hutson from WordWise Media Services
  • Tamela Hancock Murray from Steve Laube Agency


  • Donna Harris from Authentic Media Ltd
  • Rochelle Stephens from Rhiza Press/Rhiza Edge
  • Rowena Beresford from Riveted Press


  • Cecily Paterson
  • Iola Goulton from Christian Editing Services
  • Kyla-Jayne Rajah from Merilane Editing
  • Nola Passmore from The Write Flourish

Industry Experts:

  • Meredith Resce from Golden Grain Publishing
  • Lisa Renee from The Collaborative Press

Feeling excited? We are too.

But that’s enough of an information overload for now, except for just a few ever-important FAQs:

Will there be a bookstall? Yes

Will there be host groups? Yes

Will there be a worship service? Yes

Will there be a CALEB Awards dinner? Yes, and it’s going to be amazing! (Hint: if you own a lei, slip it in your suitcase)

Will there be time to connect with other writers and meet new friends? Absolutely.

Will there be fun? You bet.