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Writing… for God? What the Bible has to say about the words we put on paper

‘Hi, my name’s Penny, and I, well, I write.’

It’s funny how the admission is so hard to make at first.

No, I don’t have a paid job. Yes I am a stay at home mum, and in between hanging out the laundry and picking the kids up from school, I write. It’s something I believe God has, for a time, allowed me to do.

It’s this second admission that I find more daunting than the first, however. For I believe that to write for God is akin to desiring to  teach — and is not something to be taken  lightly.

You might be wondering what God thinks about your writing. Here are some Bible passages that might help you along.

Look up James 3: 1. If you’re super keen you could read the entire chapter. Otherwise, take some time with the words, and then think about your answers to the following questions.

  • How far do you think the similarity between teacher and writer go? Where are they different?
  • Is it only the writing of overt Christian content that this would apply to?
  • Does considering this responsibility change the way you view your  writing pastime? 

Read Malachi 3:6-10. In this passage, the prophet Malachi recorded God’s opinions of the offerings some of his people.

  • What was at the heart of the issue?
  • Why are acceptable offerings so important to God?

Take a look at Psalm 51:16.

  • If God isn’t really interested in burnt offerings, what are the offerings of worship we are to bring to him today?
  • Do you consider your writing an offering?

Consider the various forms your writing  takes: emails, journals, blogs, articles, short  stories, novels, memoir. Each has its own  purpose and audience. Writing that is written for someone other than ourselves  can be considered an act of service to that  person. Now read  Ephesians 6:7-8, thinking of  your writing as service.

  • What do you think “writing  wholeheartedly” involves?
  • Is this  how you write?
  • Imagine you were about to submit a piece of your writing to Jesus’ editorial desk.  How would this  change the way  you  prepare,  polish  and  present  your  work?  

When we consider both  the responsibility and  wonder of writing for  God we open ourselves  up to a different kind of  writing. It may take us  longer to prepare a manuscript, or it may  not, but this sort of writing isn’t just prose  creation. It’s an offering of worship.  Regardless of content, be it overtly faith  related or not, the unspoken message will  pour from the pages: “This writer knows  something of the mystery of Christ -– and it’s  worth my reading about.”

Penny Reeve is the author of more than 20 books for children, including  picture books, novels and non-fiction. She loves sharing her stories with children and encouraging them to respond to the complex, fascinating and sometimes difficult world we live in.  Her latest book, Out of the Cages, under the pen name Penny Jaye was a 2019 CALEB winner.