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Website offer for Omega members

Tamika Spaulding interviewed qualified editor and website designer Helen Wakefield for the Omega blog today.

Helen is the founder and creator of Impressence Web Studios and is excited to be offering a HUGE exclusive 40% off discount to Omega Members in Author Website Review and Author Strategy Sessions.

“I am a mother of three, which is a big part of my life! I have always been interested in the Internet since I discovered it in late high school. I went into computer science because I just love technology and I could see so much potential for what we could do with it.  I worked in I.T. for eight years until I had my first child and then I was a stay at home mum for a while. 

When I moved back to the country, I had to rethink what I was going to do.  I love reading and discovering Christian Fiction was a game changer.  I had always enjoyed reading but Christian Fiction felt like home.

After I started a book review blog with my sister, this led me to study editing.  I am an accredited editor through ‘The Christian Pen’. My plan was to do fiction editing but I guess sometimes God sends you in an around-about kind of way to get you to where he wants you to be. My editing clients knew I had an I.T. background, and they needed websites created and help with marketing. 

Now I feel I am in this unique position to be able to understand the writing and author side of things and meld that with my Internet expertise. 

Together with my great passion to help authors reach their full potential, I am aware of the challenges that writers have within a limited budget, so my aim has been to develop services that will deliver the most impact for your money. 

At this stage I have created two services – Author Website Review and Author Digital Strategy Sessions.  (I intend to add more services in the future.) I work with clients on their websites and in digital marketing and I would like to offer all Omega Members a 40% discount for these two services.  My aim is to give my clients the best shot at reaching their target audience and ultimately to sell books!

I have a website and you can reach me on Facebook also. For those interested in keeping updated with what I am doing, you can sign up to my mailing list for my free e-book called ‘Book Marketing Basics’.”

Omega members are invited to use Helen’s generous offer. Head here to the Members Area to access your discount code. If you’re not an Omega member yet, this offer alone is a great reason to join.