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Call for Judges in the 2024 Caleb Awards

The CALEB awards are an opportunity to celebrate excellence within our Christian writing community. We invite you to help us celebrate the talent within our community by volunteering to be a judge of the 2024 Award.

Omega Writers Presents the 2022 CALEB Award Finalists

The books and manuscripts have been read, the score sheets completed, and the totals calculated. That means it’s time to announce our finalists! I am delighted to announce the finalists in the 2022 CALEB Awards from Omega Writers: Christian Authors Lifting Each other’s Books. Published Adult Fiction The winner will receive a $300 cash prize […]

Omega Writers and the 2022 CALEB Award: Frequently Asked Questions

There is one week to go before entries close in the 2022 CALEB Awards. I’ve had several questions from entrants and potential entrants over the last few weeks, so today I’m answering all the questions. When do entries close? Entries close on Tuesday 26 April. Have you received my entry? I will be contacting all […]

2022 CALEB Awards

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Edit: 2022 CALEB is now closed. Thanks for your entries.   The 2022 CALEB Awards are open for entries in the following categories:   Published Adult fiction   Published nonfiction (including memoir)   Published Young Adult fiction   Unpublished Adult fiction   Unpublished nonfiction (including memoir)   Unpublished Young Adult fiction Enter the CALEB […]

CALEB Memoir & Biography Winner: On The Way

Dr Michael Babbage was the winner of the Memoir and Biography section of the CALEB Awards in 2021, with his book, On The Way: An Australian Doctor in Yemen and Pakistan. We sat down with Michael after his win and asked him a few questions about the book and his process. Q. Congratulations, Michael! Tell […]

CALEB Finalists 2021

The books have been read, the scoresheets completed, the scores added … I am delighted to announce the finalists in the 2021 CALEB Awards from Omega Writers: Christian Authors Lifting Each other’s Books. I’d also like to add a big thank you to our sponsors for supporting Omega Writers, the CALEB Award, and Christian writers […]

Omega Writers Update | 2021 CALEB Awards Open for Entry

The 2021 CALEB Awards are open for entry in the following categories: Adult fiction Adult nonfiction Young Adult fiction Children’s fiction (early reader and middle grade) Children’s picture books The contest is open to books by Australian or New Zealand Christian authors, or Christian authors living in Australia or New Zealand. Entrants must confirm they […]

2021 CALEB Awards Wants You … to Volunteer as a Judge

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] It is almost time for the 2021 CALEB Awards from Omega Writers. CALEB stands for Christian Authors Lifting Each other’s Books. The CALEB Award: Supports excellence in Australasian Christian books by encouraging and educating writers, regardless of genre. Encourages excellence in Australasian Christian books by recognising and rewarding our best writers across a range […]

Omega Writers Announce the Winners of the 2020 CALEB Awards

On behalf of Omega Writers, I’m thrilled to announce the winners of the 2020 CALEB Awards for unpublished authors. The award ceremony was held on Saturday night via Zoom. While there was no chocolate, there was plenty of fun and laughter as writers from Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan met to celebrate our achievements over […]

CALEB Award Update

By Iola Goulton, 2020 CALEB Coordinator We are almost on the home straight for the 2020 CALEB Awards. The final-round judges are working their way through the entries. Scores are due back on 30 September, so it’s not long to go now before we have winners in our three categories: Unpublished Adult Fiction Unpublished Young […]